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As one of the leading ship chandlers in Indonesia we have great buying power. This means that you can get the best quality products at the most competitive prices. All our provisions, bonded, cabin, deck and engine stores – imported and local – are listed in accordance with ISSA and IMPA codes.

Blocks & cleats, Winches, Hatches & Vents, Anchors, Chain & Rope, Windlasses, Mooring Ropes, Lifeboats, Bedding, Heating, Hatch Accessories, Nautical, Pumps, Taps & Showers, Water & Tanks, Fittings, Hoses, Controls, Fire & Gas safety, Gas detectors, Lifejackets & Buoyancy Aids, Hydrostatic Release, Flotation Clothing, Accessories, Life Rafts, Signalling Flares, EPIRBs, PLBs, Safety Equipment, Steering, Fire Extinguisher, Rigging, Guardrails, Shackles, Halyards, Tools & Accessories

Safety Protective Gear, Safety Equipment, Inflatable Liferafts, Hydrostatic Release Units, Life Jackets, Lifebuoys & Liferaft Acessories, Immersion Suits, Lifeboat & Life, Raft Accessories, IMO Symbols & Safety Signs, IMO Fire Control Symbols, Safety & Environmental Posters, Pyrotechnics, Hand Flares, Rocket Parachute Flares, Rocket Star Signals, Manover boards, Buoyant Smoke Signals, Self-igniting Lights, Bridge Distress Kits, Line Throwing Apparatuses, Self-contained Breathing Apparatus, Emergency Escape Breathing Devices, Oxygen Indicators, Hydrogen Sulfide, Indicators, Multi-Toxic Gas Monitors, Combustible Gas Detectors, Personal Gas Detectors, Safety Handlamp

Our products range from heavy lifting and jacking equipment with capacities up to 700 tonnes, through to general site and manual handling equipment to lift just a few kilo’s and can often be delivered to you anywhere in the UK on either a same day or next day basis. In addition we also offer, for both sale and hire, a full range of height safety equipment and solutions for most eventualities.

Indonesian's leading suppliers of engine spares, and offers a broad range of diversified marine products, deck & auxiliary equipments and ship operation systems. Our product line consists of a broad selection of superior quality engine parts and machinery that support most major engine manufacturers, making us a vendor of choice for many big shipping operations and maintenance companies.

Specialises in repairing, rebuilding and overhauling of ships, offshore installations and diesel engines. We provide integral services with a highly qualified work force and wide experience. CV Orion Marine Supply is well equipped with docks, cranes, as well as the best tools and machinary. Our focus is the long term and stable relationships with customers, suppliers and other partners.

Navigational Products and Services are vital to the Marine Industry for vessel safe operations and compliance with various IMO, SOLAS, PSC, Flag and International requirements. Tile Marine is able to offer quality Navigational Products, Solutions and Services at an affordable price.
Our maintenance service include repairs, trouble-shooting and replacement of faulty parts. On request, we also provide operational and maintenance training to our customers’ personnel. We provide 24/7 service and support to our customers throughout the region. Furthermore, our dedicated engineers will travel beyond national borders to give their utmost services worldwide.

A complete range of gas refill or exchange basis is available for all of our client. Everything from oxygen, CO2, nitrogen, Acetylene or other type of gases as per request. is available in a variety of cylinders. We ensure that all partners in the purchasing process are satisfied from the procurement departments to the individual seafarers.

Liferaft Service & Maintenance, Liferaft is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on your vessel. It is designed, manufactured and equipped to save your life in the event that you have to abandon ship. Liferaft Annual Servicing will ensure that your liferaft will operate and perform as designed.

Inspections should be carried out by the crew to ensure that the indicated weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, two-year, five-year and ten-year actions are taken for the specified equipment, if required. Records of the inspection We carried on board the ship and may be computer-based.

We use our own facilities for all types of fabrication, overhauling of engines,
machining jobs, hydro pressure testing and special tools etc. In addition to
employing a core team of specialist staff, we also have the capability to recruit
and successfully manage increased staff numbers for specific large projects. An
extensive range of workshop machineries and tools are available to our workers
to assist them in undertaking their work both effectively and efficiently.

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